Here are a list of all the services that we provide

Built-in Tax Refunds

We can help you get up to $5,000 off per year by using our agency. There are many amazing tax incentives that our agency qualifies for that we can help you get at no additional cost to you. We are here to serve you and will help you maximize you tax refund.


Classifications for full time is based on 35 to 40 hours per week, any live-out assignments over 40 hours per week will be charged an additional hourly fee at a overtime rate according to Texas law. Part time is based individually by case. Temporary assignments are prices according to the job description. A final determination will be made during the interview process when specific job requirements or contract work is thoroughly accessed.

Class A

Southwest Domestics with up to five years of experience;

$600 and up per week, full time.
Or $350 and up part time

Class B

Southwest Domestics with up to three years of experience;

$540 $600 per week, full time.
Or $299  $350 part time

Class C

Southwest Domestics with up to two years of experience;

$450 $539 per week, full time.
Or $250 $299 part time

All providers and workers are employees or contractors of Southwest Domestics. All personnel undergo background checks, which are regularly updated, and all have verifiable references. All personnel are bonded and insured. CPR or First Aid training is available upon request; an additional charge may apply. All personnel are assigned classifications based upon their individual level of skills and experience.