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Scheduled Interviews

Find the perfect person to fit your needs with our unique interview process. You will have the ability to meet a number of potential maids/nannies during a free interview.

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Wallet Friendly

How would you like a $5,000 tax write off? Being an agency, we cover all taxes, social security and medicaid for you so you can write off up to $5,000 per year. That’s FREE money!

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Background Checked

Each and every person that we place in front of you during our interview process has been thoroughly background checked to ensure safety around your loved ones.

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Full Control

Have specific requirements that you need met? No problem! Because of our unique internal management system we can find a match to any demands that you may have.

Simply The Best


Since 1990, Southwest Domestics’ goal has been to provide quality in-home care and maid services for the best prices. You tell us the qualities in a caretaker that you are looking for, and we set up a free interview with you to meet 4-5 of our potential candidates. With at home childcare, family values are passed to children in the privacy of their own homes.

What We Offer

At Home Child Care

We set up a free interview for you to meet and pick an experienced nanny to help take care of your children. Learn More

In-Home Elderly Care

Do you have an elderly family member that needs assistance? We have experienced certifed in/out-home elderly care providers
Learn More

Maid Service

We understand it isn’t easy working all day, taking care of your family, and keeping a clean home.
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What Are People Saying About Us?

My wife and I got our nanny through Southwest Domestics. We both work full time so having someone at the house we could trust not only with our things but with our child was very important to us. We got the choose the nanny that best fit our needs after interviewing them. We even called references and no one had anything bad to say about a nanny from this service agency. They really made the process so simple for me.

Steven G

I’ve searched throughout Houston for a caregivers service and let me tell you, no one has felt more home-like than southwest domestics. They really do a fantastic job getting you someone! We love their office and how they handle things, they really made it easy for my wife and I! We requested to see 5 nannies with experience to take care of our two children, and let me tell you, by the time we had interviewed all of them, we didn’t know which one to pick. they were all great!

John G

Absolutely the best in terms of getting you domestic help whether it be cleaning, babysitting, nanny, elderly care, you name it! Southwest Domestics offers free interviews with multiple job candidates in their offices so you don’t need to have someone you’ve never met in your home. When I got my nanny I was able to choose from 3 different potential candidates and all of which had experience.

Karen S


Who Are We?


Company Overview

We are the largest professional home care agency in Houston devoted exclusively to qualified in-home care. No matter what you need, nanny, cleaner, elderly care, pet sitting, etc…, we meet both your needs and budget. Our Services are unmatched by day care centers for both children and the elderly across the U.S.A. Southwest Domestics is proud to inform you that we offer an unmatched guarantee of quality, which we understand to be the longest running in the industry. Learn more on our Yelp page.

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