Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any cost setting up an interview with different candidates?

There is no charge! We do free interviews at your convenience. We set up a time that is best for you, and we have different candidates that best fit what you are looking for, ready to meet you face to face.

Do you charge a finders fee?

No, we do not charge a finders fee to any of our clients.

Where are the interviews held?

Most of our interviews are held at our office in our conference room. Our office is located @ 3776 Greenbriar Drive, Stafford, TX. 77477

What should I expect in an interview?

During the interview, you are free to take any notes and ask any questions you would like to ask our candidates. You are free to ask about any past experiences, previous jobs, and anything else you would want to know.

How long does an interview usually last?

Usually, they last between 10-20 min with each candidate. The whole process usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. But they can last as long as you need them to be, it is your time and you’re free to take as much time as you need. We encourage you to take your time!

How many candidates can I interview?

Usually, we have up to five candidates, but it can vary according to your time availability. You could interview as many candidates as you would like and as time allows. Usually, it does not take more than five to find your perfect match.

Can we use more than one candidate with your services?

Of course! There is no limit as of how many candidates you need, but different rates may apply according to your needs.

Do you provide cleaning supplies for our home?

No. Unfortunately, Southwest Domestics does not provide for any cleaning supplies. We have many clients who use their own different products which best fits their home needs and better suit their liking’s

What are your rates?

» Class A: Southwest Domestics with up to five years of experience;  $520.00 – $600.00 per week, full time. Or $351.00 – $400.00 part time.

» Class B: Southwest Domestics with up to three years of experience; $426.00 – $519.00 per week, full time. Or $299.00 – $350.00 part time.

» Class C: Southwest Domestics with up to two years of experience;  $399.00 – $425.00 per week, full time. Or $250.00 – $299.00 part time.


For any more further questions please contact: Southwest Domestics @ 713-789-KIDS (5437) or