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7 Tips To Find A Dedicated Pet Nanny

Have you been planning for long vacations this season? Before you are going for a vacations, you want to ensure that your furry baby is in safe hands. And the best way to provide proper care and attention to your pet’s needs is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable pet sitter for your animal. Pet sitting is more like a babysitting, so care must be taken by someone to who you can trust. However, it can be a struggle to find the right person to care your dog while you are away.

Picking a pet sitter isn’t only a decision you should take lightly so here are the few tips that you need to follow while looking for the dedicated pet nanny:

1. Start Your Search Early

Hiring a pet sitter is a serious task, your one mistake can put the health, happiness, and well-being of your precious pet at stake. So it is always better to start your search in advance and take plenty of time to find the right pet sitter for your furry baby to whom he can stay happy and comfortable.

2. Consider The Best Possible Options

Nowadays, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the trustworthy and responsible person to watch your pet in your absence. You’ll also find the pet sitters who stop for a couple of times a day and feed or play with your pet. On another side, there are more pet sitters that prefer to stay in your home and host your pets at their home.

3. Ask For the Referrals

When looking for the referrals, ask your pet-owning friends and social media networks for the names of a reliable yet reputable pet sitter. Try to find the pet-sitting organizations near to your area so that you can easily able to meet the sitters.

4. Ask The Questions

Preparing a questionnaire with all important questions to be asked from the pet sitter can help you find the right pet sitter for your precious baby pet. Pay close attention to these questions and get a general sense of how they’ll interact with your pet. Here are the few questions that you should ask:

●How often will you visit and for how long?
●What do you do in a visit?
●What experience do you have with the animals?
●What does your written contract or agreement include?

5. Check Communication

How will the pet sitter communicate with your pet while you’re away? Many pet sitters will record daily notes about your pet’s activities, eating habits or moods. And few pet sitters will send you the photos or daily text messages of your pet’s activities to put your mind at ease.

6. Compare the Services and Fees

It’s an important to learn in advance what is their expectation. How many visits will occur each day? Will they clean up the accidents, water plants or do any other vacation care responsibilities.

7. Insured

Having a license and insurance shows that the pet sitter is professional and serious about his/her profession. Insurance protects you and the sitter if something unexpected happens to your pets. In fact, it is also a good sign if the pet sitter is willing to set up a contract between the two of you defining services, pay rate, rules and etc.

These are the few golden rules to find a dedicated pet sitter for your four legs baby. While you are traveling out of town and need an extra care for your pet, then no one can better care to hold your pet baby than a professional pet sitter. So consider these tips to find a right pet sitter for your loving pet to make him stay comfortable and happy.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the most caring, passionate and knowledgeable pet sitter for your most precious furry baby. For more details, you can visit Southwest Domestics and write us at support@southwestdomestics.com for any inquiry.

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